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Best Miss Call Platform to reach Business at New Heights.

An experiment by which you can not only satisfy customers for real-time but also increase business turnover by sending promotion through SMS / notification on "Mera Fayda" numbers.

Explore the benefits of latest technologies by using our service. Provide instant service to your customers, know your customers feedback in real time, market your business to real customers directly.

Mera Fayda Live

To know how to subscribe and how it’s work

Merafayda Helps to Increase Business Turnover

  • Easy Subscription

    Select your plan, create a profile, make a payment, download the app, just enter the MISSCALL number & in 10 minutes and your mobile app is ready.

  • Actual Customer List

    You will find only the numbers that are related to your business for marketing.

  • Free Sticker

    You will get free stickers from the company, which can better serve as much as possible of their “Merafayda” number.

  • SMS/Notification Marketing

    By sending sms or notification to the received mobile numbers by “Merafayda”, promoting your offers and promotions to the wider and correct person.

  • Business Growth

    Raise your turn over by sending offers, discounts and invitations to new products.

  • Real Time Data

    There will be a number display on your app after calling “Merafayda”, no interruptions nor is there any dependency on the website.

Enjoy Service Business with Pleasure

Customer Satisfaction

Quickly resolve the dissatisfied customer's call with the help of service and enjoy the satisfaction of customers

Business Remote Control

All your business-related services, complaints, suggestions reach directly at your mobile phone. You have the control of your business in your hand even your are not available at your office

Reins on Complaints

By issuing a number for an unsatisfied customer in a customer service businesses like petrol pumps, gas agencies or hotels, you can call the consumers directly or through helpline number & satisfy the customer in real time, and also solve the problem on-the-spot

Out the Help Line

At your wish Merafayda can also outsource the help line. Due to this through Merafayda will solve the problems of all dissatisfied customers calls and receive a report every day

Why Join Merafayda?

With the help of “Merafayda” you can touch new heights in your business and service sector.

Get connected to the services and you will get:

Using the latest technology at the lowest cost

Availability of Salesmen at the local level

Quick Support System

Customer Review

मीनाक्षी वर्मा
सर्विस मैनेजर, लोक सेवा केंद्र मध्य प्रदेश

मैं मध्य प्रदेश के अनेक लोक सेवा केंद्र का मेनेजमेंट संभालती हूँ, मैंने "मेरा फायदा" नंबर अपने सभी केंद्रों पर डिस्प्ले किये हैं, प्रारंभ में मुझे हर दिन 75 - 100 शिकायती कॉल आते थे| मैं सभी आवेदकों की केंद्र के मैनेजर से कॉन्फ्रेंस कॉल करवा कर शिकायत का ऑन द स्पॉट निराकरण करती थी| इस नियंत्रण के कारण अब सभी मैनेजर और ऑपरेटर भी आवेदकों से अच्छा व्यवहार करते हैं. जिससे अब कॉल की संख्या 5 - 10 रह गई हैं| मैं अच्छी ग्राहक सेवा भी देती हूँ और कोई टेंशन भी नहीं रहती हैं| धन्यवाद् "मेरा फायदा "

September 9, 2017


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