Rajhans Digital was incorporated in 2017 with the aim of providing complex business problems a simple, effective and efficient solution at the lowest rates. We are solely service focused firm and innovate solutions in the simplest way for the biggest and most complex business challenges. We practice deep expertise in the cloud telephony and automation service and provide services to customers across all sectors and company sizes.

Our Mission

To continuously develop products and render services, which prove to be a trendsetter and inspiring solution to business problems.

Our Vision

To become an organization known for developing extraordinary products and providing an exceptional experience to the clients.


  • To set a global example for express service delivery supported by the cutting-edge products, highly experienced and technical staff to ensure we exceed our client's expectations in all dimensions.
  • Keep our product and service quality updated, our workforce trained, so they develop quality product and service and are prepared to take any task and challenge given to them.
  • To always remain in the competitive environment and strive to reach the top.
  • To work according to the norms of the land we live and respect each and every element of it.

What Sectors Are We In?

We are in the telecommunication sector, developing business and personalized tools and live streaming.DD


We have our full-fledged cloud telephony set up through which we can provide all types of telecommunication services and SaaS. D
  • Bulk Calls
  • IVRS
  • Calls With Variable Data

Business And Personalized Tools

Systems for daily business activities and personalized app for anyone.
  • CRM
  • Full-Fledged Attendance System
  • Personal App
  • LSK Management System

Live Streaming

A complete system for live streaming at just a button.
  • At Any Palace
  • On Youtube
  • On App

Our Products

We have a wide variety of products ranging from missed call numbers to live streaming, from bulk calls to personalized apps.

Missed Call Number

In this service, we give a phone number to the customer…


We have developed a full-fledged working CRM app with keeping every…

Siddha Prasaran

This product is live broadcasting camera. It is a box which…

Personal App

This app is for anyone who wants a personal app for…


This service is for LPG distribuors. As in these firms, too…


Inter Voice Response System (IVRS) is the responsive steps of a…

Reminder Call

In each sector there are lots of debtors to whom we…

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that


Lok Seva Kendra (LSK) are Kiosks set-up by Madhya Pradesh Government…

Our Results

In such a short period the company has produced wonderful results which were beyond expectations.

1 +
States Covered
1 +
Happy Clients
1 M +
Customer's Revenue (₹)
1 K +
Calls / Day

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Recognized by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade


Registered Enterprise Under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


Serving On Government E-Marketplace, It's Online Procurement System

Our Happy Clients

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do has positively
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103, Gravity Tower, Above U-Turn,
Roshan Singh Bhandari Marg,
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Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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