Customer Relationship Management

This app is mainly for increasing the efficiency of your employees when handling customers of your organization. Also, increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization. The app is built with the main purpose of improvement in handling customer calls, providing quality support and properly using your human resource deployed in this field. It is also a trending tool of lead management for marketing executives.

Data can be imported through an Excel or API.
Various and editable options for response.
Alarm for re-calling a customer.
Excel Import API Integration Use with missed call

The leads can be directly imported from excel which saves a lot of time. As going for individual entries in the app will take a lot of time and getting data into excel is very easy. It is also preferred and available most of the time.

The leads (customers to be called) can be directly integrated from an API which saves a lot of time because going for individual entries in the app will take a lot of time and using the API you can easily transfer web data into the app. You can insert leads in real-time.

The app can be used with missing call service too. With the app, you can give your customers a missed call number on which if they call for any issue, a notification will come on the app. After that, your executive can directly call the customer.