Missed Call Number

Missed Call Number

In this service, we give a phone number to the customer which is a miss call number, i.e., it will only be used to receive missed calls. You can use the number for your products or services as a complaint, feedback, survey or promotional number. When customers/citizens call on that number, it will automatically disconnect in five seconds and a thank you or promotional message will be sent to the caller.

You can download serve more through which you can-

See who all have called on that number.
Call those customers.
Broadcast messages, videos, and audios to those customers.​
Conduct other promotional activities.​
Number Collection Cost-Effective Business Growth

Using this app, you will enjoy a lot of benefits during your marketing and promotions. Customers calling on the number are the ones who are interested in your product/service and hence you will receive verified numbers.

The services provided include the admin app, user app, a unique missed call number and 20000 free messages. You get all the service at a staggering price of @ Rs. 10 a day, which is very low when it comes to opting corporate-level technology.

Opting of the service, your customers will have more satisfaction as you have provided a way through which their problems can be solved. Also, you will have an effective and efficient way of marketing and promotion. Your customers will be loyal to you. Your customers will increase as they will have an easy way to connect with you.