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Meet the innovators who work day and night to keep the standards of our services high and deliver valuable services for you.

Shivani Jaiswal

CEO & Director
  • shivani.jaiswal@rajhans.digital

Shivani Jaiswal is the CEO and director of Rajhans Digital Private Limited. She was appointed as CEO on 21st July 2017.

Shivani graduated in CSE from Medicaps University, Indore and is pursuing her Post Graduate Degree in MBA (Marketing Management) from the Institute Of Management And Studies, DAVV, Indore.

Under her leadership Rajhans Digital Private Limited developed lots of software that helps thousands of customers in many sectors and has made the company more valuable. Her business leadership has been recognized in several corporate sectors like Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Municipal Corporation.

Sonam Khan

Sales Head
  • sonam.khan@rajhans.digital

Sonam Khan is the Sales Head (Retail) of Rajhans Digital Private Limited. Sonam joined Rajhans Digital Private Limited on 1st august 2017 and was appointed as the Sales Head on 1st July 2019.

Sonam graduated in BSC (microbiology) from DAVV, Indore and Post-Graduated in MBA (HR and marketing) from DAVV, Indore. She helps Rajhans Digital Private Limited to identify the right person for the right job. She is also engaged in training employees and makes them competent to do their job efficiently.

Ravrish Dubey

System Administrator
  • ravi.dubey@rajhans.digital

Mr. Dubey is the system administrator of Rajhans Digital Private Limited since incorporation of the company. He has a technical team to develop software efficiently. He always remains aware of advanced technology and helps to make Rajhans Digital Private Limited technically strong. Ravrisht brings a wealth of knowledge that helps in improving the resources of Rajhans Digital Private Limited.