Personal App

Personal App

This product is for anyone who wants a personal app for himself, organization or group. This app is similar to any website made for an organization or politician. The app holds all the sections important like introduction, social media links, contacts us, suggestions, etc. The app also supports conducting promotional activities through various means.

Add as many sections as you want.
The app can be made in any language.
For editing the content, admin gets a different app.
The admin can send instant full page notification.
Single platform Economical Promotion

The app functions as a single platform for all social media sites and supports the show of the home page and provides a direct link to all these platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Normally lakhs are spent while creating personal apps, but here at Rajhans, we charge only Rs. 25000. You will save thousands‼‼

You can promote the app by various means on the app itself, example- you can conduct G. K. quiz on app with some rewards and because of the quiz and its rewards, people will download your app.