Siddha Prasaran

Siddha Prasaran

This product is a live broadcasting camera. It is a box that comes with an inbuilt camera and other essential things in it. The device starts by just pressing the power button and gives live feed within 5 seconds on YouTube channel and Sidha Prasaran app, to which anyone can get access and see.

Small and compatible.
No big requirements (only good data speed)
Live feed on YouTube and Sidha Prasaran's App.
Economical Handy Convenient

When you go for live streaming whether you have to buy a device that is too costly or go for mobile live streaming which is not of good and stable video quality but here we give you a product which is economical as well as gives good quality live feed.

The product comes in the shape of a rectangular box which is small and handy. The size of the box is 2 x 2.5 x 4 inches and by size, you can see that it is so small that it will fit into your purse also. Start live streaming anywhere and anytime you want because of its small size.

Adding to its small size, the box can be charged by any regular USB charger, it can be carried anywhere by the user. The user can go live anywhere due to its small size and fewer requirements.